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Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Guest Can We Accommodate In Each Room?
The restaurant has a total of 3 rooms that are available. (Main-dining room, party-room, and patio. You are free to stop by to see the rooms.) The main-dining room can host up to 40 guests and the party-room can host up to about 70 guests. Depending on the date, please note that a minimum of 35-45 people is required for the rooms to be completely private. 
How Will The Food Be Served?
All appetizers will be served family style; appetizer plates for each guest with large food platters distributed throughout the table. All remaining courses will be served individually. Choices will vary depending on your party package.
Is Soda Included?
Yes, soda is included in all the packages along with coffee and tea. Depending on the package type, espresso and cappuccino may be included as well. 
How will the tables be set up?
Table set-ups will depend on your number of guests. Normally, we do tables of 10s or a U shape, but we can accommodate if you have a different idea in mind. (Please note that we only have square/rectangular-shaped tables.)
How Does The Deposit Work?
To reserve and secure the date of your event, a minimum of $200 is required. The initial deposit will be deducted from your party balance on the date of your event. Deposits are only refundable 2 weeks prior to your event date. This is due to the restaurant needing to hire the staffs necessary, food cost, and table linens to accommodate your event. 
Can we decorate? Under what time frame?
Yes, you may absolutely decorate your event space as long as you are not damaging the restaurant's properties. (Example: Creating holes in walls and etc.) Depending on the time and day, we do allow few hours for you to decorate prior to your event start-time.
How do the Cocktail Packages work?
Cocktail packages are optional. Regardless of which packages you choose, drinks will be unlimited during the 3 hours of your event. All guests over the age of 21 will be added to the package regardless if they're drinking or not. Our staffs will do last-call 10 minutes before the 3 hour time mark. (Kindly note that we are responsible to refuse serving individuals who might become overly intoxicated throughout the event.)
Do you have vegan options?
Absolutely, simply let our staffs know and our chefs can accommodate their requests.

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